Whistleblower: Smart meter blasts covered up


Smart meter blasts covered up
Posted by: 3AW Radio | 22 February, 2012 – 10:12 AM

A whistle-blower claims power companies know smart meters are exploding and are lying to consumers to cover it up.

‘John’ works for Jemena and claims at least six smart meters have exploded in and around Pascoe Vale, since Christmas.

John was installing a meter yesterday which burst into flames in front of him.

He’s told Neil Mitchell under strict anonymity power companies are misleading the public and smart meters are dangerous.

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Do Not Fit A Smart Meter!

PRINT SIGN: A caller sent us an image during the Neil Mitchell show months ago and told listeners to print it out and put it on their doors if they are against the smart meter legislation. Click on the image on the right to be taken to a larger image.

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