What are the Studies Telling Us?

The following studies indicate biological effects at exposure levels far below what would be explained by “thermal effects”, and well within the range people are commonly exposed to every day.

NOTE: Most of these exposures lie FAR BELOW the current advisory exposure standards in the US.

Studies by Increasing Power Density

Power Density Reported Biological Effects References
0.1 µW/cm2
(0.001 W/Kg SAR)
EEG brain waves are altered when exposed to cell phone signal Von Klitzing, 1995
0.16 µW/cm2 Motor function, memory and attention of school children affected (Latvia) Kolodynski, 1996
0.168 – 1.053 µW/cm2 Irreversible infertility in mice after 5 generations of exposure to cell phone signals from antenna park Magras & Xenos, 1997
0.2 – 8 µW/cm2 Two-fold increase in childhood leukemia from AM-FM exposure Hocking, 1996
1.3 – 5.7 µW/cm2 Two-fold increase in leukemia in adults from AM RF exposure Dolk, 1997
2.4 µW/cm2 Interference with medical devices at least up to 1000 MHz Joyner, 1996
2 – 4 µW/cm2 Direct effect of RFR on ion channels in cells/opening of acetycholine channels D’Inzeo, 1988
4 – 10 µW/cm2 Visual reaction time in children is slowed//lower memory function in tests Chiang, 1989
5 – 10 µW/cm2 Impaired nervous system activity Dumanski, 1974
10 µW/cm2 Significant differences in visual reaction time and reduced memory function Chiang, 1989
10 – 25 µW/cm2 Changes in the hippocampus of the brain Belokrinitskiy, 1982
30 µW/cm2
(0.015 W/Kg SAR)
Immune system effects – elevation of PFC count (antibody producing cells) Veyret, 1991
50 µW/cm2 An 18% reduction in REM sleep (important to memory and learning functions) Mann, 1996
100 µW/cm2 Changes in immune system function Elekes, 1996
100 µW/cm2 A 26% drop in insulin Navakatikian, 1994
120 µW/cm2 A pathological change in the blood brain barrier (915 MHz) Salford, 1993

Studies by Increasing Specific Absorption Rate

SAR Reported Biological Effects References
0.000021 – .0021 W/Kg Changes in cell cycle and cell proliferation (960 MHz GSM cell phone signal) Kwee, 1997
0.0004 W/Kg Pulsed cell phone RF caused changes in blood-brain barrier that protects brain from outside harmful chemicals and toxins (915 MHz GSM cell phone) Salford, 1997
0.001 W/Kg EEG brain waves are altered when exposed to cell phone signal at 0.1 µW/cm2 Von KIitzing, 1995
0.0317 W/Kg Decrease in eating and drinking Ray & Behari, 1990
.005 to .05 W/Kg Calcium efflux Dutta et al, 1989
0.14 W/Kg Elevation of immune response at 100 µW/cm2 Elekes, 1996
0.13 – 1.4 W/Kg Lymphoma cancer rate is 2.4 times normal with two 1/2 hour exposures per day of cell phone exposure (pulsed digital mobile phone signal 900 MHz) Repacholi, 1997
0.26 W/Kg Harmful effects to the eyes/ certain drugs can sensitize eyes to RFR Kues, 1992
0.4 W/Kg Statistically significant increase in malignant tumors at 480 µW/cm2 Guy, 1984
0.58 – 0.75 W/Kg Biological effect on the development of brain tumors at 18% of standard (836 MHz TDMA digital cell phone signal) Adey, 1996
0.6 and 1.2 W/Kg DNA single and double strand breaks from RF exposure (2450 MHz) Lai, 1995
2.4 mW/Kg to 24 mW/Kg Digital cell phone (836 TDMA) at very low intensities cause DNA effects in human cells. DNA effects are direct DNA damage and the rate at which DNA is repaired. Is equal to about 800 µW/cm2 power density Phillips, 1998
2-3 W/Kg Cancer acceleration in skin and breast tumors at 50 – 75% of standard Szmigielski, 1982

Standards and Background Levels

SAR Standards
0.2 W/Kg IEEE standard for whole body SAR for general public (1/6 of an hour) IEEE
1.6 W/Kg FCC (IEEE) SAR limit over 1 gram of tissue (cell phone to ear) FCC, 1996
Power Density Standards
579µW/cm2 800-900 MHz Cell Phone Signal Standard ANSI/IEEE
1000µW/cm2 PCS STANDARD for public exposure (as of September 1, 1997) FCC, 1996
5000µW/cm2 PCS STANDARD for occupational exposure (as of September 11997) FCC, 1996
Background Levels
0.003 µW/cm2 Ambient background RF exposure in cities and suburbs in the 1990’s Mantiply, 1997
1 – 10 µW/cm2 Ambient RF exposure within 100-200 feet of cell/PCS antenna array (or roughly 0.2 to 0.5 mW/Kg SAR in the human body’) Sage, 1998, unpublished

Listing of Full Citations Refrenced Above

Study Description
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