UK: Residents Claim Illnesses From Cell Phone Tower

4:58pm Thursday 29th December 2011
By Tom Porter »

NEIGHBOURS in a quiet estate claim they have been struck by a mysterious wave of headaches and nosebleeds since a 60 ft mobile phone mast was build yards from their homes.

In October O2 and Vodafone built the new reception mast in Oakwood Hill, Debden.

Soon after residents claim that a buzzing sound emanating from the mast was keeping them awake at night, and they started suffering a range of strange symptoms.

O2 said that the mast was only switched on three weeks ago, but residents are adamant that the onset of their symptoms coincides with the mast being built and are demanding that it is moved.

Doreen O’Brien, 68, is a resident of Oakwood Hill.

She said: “It makes a droning noise, like a boat. It is loud enough to wake me up of a night time.

“I have had nosebleeds, dizzy spells and am not sleeping. This has only happened since October.”

Fellow resident Melanie Rex, 64, said: “I have had three nosebleeds since they put the mast up, and I never usually have them.

In response to complaints, 02 has moved a generator attached to the mast further from homes in the estate, however residents say this has done nothing to alleviate the problem.

“It feels like it is sucking all the energy out of your body. I have not slept in my bed for three months. I still keep on getting woken up a half three in the morning because you can hear energy surge through it,” said Mrs Rex.

Mrs Rex said that she has spoken to at least ten other residents who claim they are suffering from similar symptoms.

An 02 spokesman said: “Since the build of the site was completed in October 2011 we have had a number of communications from local residentS. All of our base stations are designed, built and operated in accordance with stringent international guidelines laid down by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection. The adoption of these guidelines has the formal backing of independent bodies such as the World Health Organisation.

[Editor: These W.H.O. guidelines were created before the World Health Organization outed two leading IARC members who were found to be in business with TeleCom industry.

Shortly after their ouster, W.H.O. categorized electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, cell towers, WiFi, baby monitors, e-readers, laptops, and electronic games as Class 2B: Possible Carcinogens, a category shared with DDT,lead and chloroform.]

“Typical public exposures from our base stations will be many hundreds, if not thousands, of times below these guidelines. It is also important to note that whilst the build of the site was completed in October 2011, the site did not go live until mid-December 2011.”

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