Smart Meter Explodes During Installation

Explosion in Naples during smart meter installation By Andre Senior, FOX 4 TV News, Ft Myers/Naples Dec 15, 2011 – 9:24 PM NAPLES –

An electrical explosion in Naples during the installation of a smart meter raises questions about the safety of the devices.

On Thursday morning, an FPL contractor was putting one of the devices in at the Naples Bay Resort when the incident happened.

“There was a severe arching and it ignited some combustible material in the room,” said Larry Bacci, a City of Naples fire marshal. The contractor suffered second and third degree burns during the blast and nearly 30 people were forced to evacuate. Debris inside an electrical room were it happened caused a fire, but was quickly put out by the indoor sprinkler system.

City of Naples fire investigators are still looking into what caused the electrical explosion, and so is FPL.

“The incident is still under investigation but we have established that it was definitely not caused by a smart meter.”

But there are others across the country who would disagree. Across the country, there have been protests by people claiming the devices cause explosions and videos popping up online supposedly show smart meters going up in flames. In addition, you’ll find many websites devoted to claims that smart meters are not safe. FPL says smart meters are safe in every possible way. As for the fire at Naples Bay resort, a company spokesperson says that this is the first time they are aware of a fire breaking out during the process of installing a smart meter. FPL worker burned, Naples Resort without power.

By Eric Maze, Fox 4 TV News, Ft Myers/NaplesDec 15, 2011 – 11:24 AM

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