Six International Studies Link Exposure to EMF with Alzheimer’s Disease
“We now have six international studies that show that there is a link between prolonged exposure to electromagnetic fields and Alzheimer’s disease.  He added that,” Fortunately, the stage is reversible.”

Intolerance elucidated electromagnetic

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The electrical industry  as well as the World Health Organization say they have not excluded that the syndrome of intolerance to electromagnetic fields is real.

(SICEM or electromagnetic hypersensitivity) has been dismissed as psychosomatic, but this is a false debate, according to Professor Dominique Paris Cancer Belpomme. There is more scientific controversy about it, there is a controversy with cellular operators, he said.

In an interview on France Inter, the Director of the Institute of European Research on Cancer and the Environment (ECERI) and President of the Association for Research Cancer Therapeutics (ARTAC), says: “It is clear that there is a link between different pathologies and the environment. (…) “The real problem is that there is more controversy in scientific communities about it.

There is a controversy vis-à-vis operators who tell us that all these [people intolerant to EMFs] are not really sick or that they are mad. No, these are people who are like you and me, quite lucid, conscious and gradually being exposed to electromagnetic fields, effectively become really sick. Once they are severely ill, we will have to take care of them, provide treatment, and especially ensure that the disease does not progress to cancer. You know that the WHO has classified exposure not only at low frequencies and radiofrequency now in group 2B, that is to say the “possibly carcinogenic”.

We now have six international studies show that there is a link between prolonged exposure to electromagnetic fields and Alzheimer’s disease. He added that “fortunately, the stage is reversible.”

But the professor also warns: “If we continue to develop the territory regardless of health problems, we face a real health disaster. And then I weigh my words by saying this: The government should realize the gravity of the situation and make certain that companies no longer install an antennas next to a nursery or kindergarten. This is absolutely unacceptable in terms of public health. ‘

Click here to read the interview with Dr. Belpomme appeared in the House of the 21st century in January 2011.

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