Shielding your Home from EMF Radiation

On these pages, we will list practical, effective steps that some people have taken to protect themselves from electromagnetic radiation, usually due to illnesses resulting from exposure. This will include physical shielding techniques and dietary approaches that are part of new medical research findings in prevention of cancers, and other diseases that seem to be related to exposures. Although each case is individual and there are no universally effective ‘fixes,’ we hope these stories and information will provide options to thinking constructively..

The story below is from a mother and an architect who applied both approaches to save her daughter’s health:

While living in northern Arizona, my family occupied a house that, unbeknownst to us, had mold overgrowth. My daughter, aged 2 to 6 years while we lived there, developed food sensitivities and eczema due to the fact that she was, unbeknownst to us, ’immune challenged by the mold.’ Then she developed chronic sinus congestion. But we did not know what was at the root of all of her ailments, nor could we find a doctor that was able to figure this out. We saw four different doctors, tried all kinds of ‘alternative’ medical treatments, elimination diets, homeopathic remedies, you name it. Her eczema eventually improved, but her sinus congestion did not.

We moved to Santa Fe, and in the course of selling our house in Arizona, we found out about the mold overgrowth. Our new home tested negative for mold, and yet my daughter’s sinus congestion became even worse. We continued to seek out a doctor who could help us figure out what lay at the root of her congestion. Our third attempt was Russ Canfield, MD. After hearing my daughter’s history, he was sure that her mold exposure had caused a case of fungal sinusitis.

After four years of sinus congestion, and countless treatment attempts, including six months of treatment under Dr. Canfield’s care, my daughter’s congestion had not improved. In addition, she was developing chemical sensitivities on top of her other challenges.

Then Dr. Canfield mentioned that he had just encountered some research that pointed to a relationship between RF exposure and chronic infection. To paraphrase, the researchers found that exposure to RFs made certain pathogens, like bacteria, viruses, and fungus/yeast more aggressive. He asked if I had ever had our home tested for RF levels. I had not.

So I had readings taken in my daughter’s bedroom and at her school, which was across the highway from a cell phone tower. The readings in her room were something like 5 times higher than some published European safe standard for analog RF exposure and 50 times higher than the safe standard for digital RF exposure. It turns out we live ¼ mile from a RF transmitter and we were getting high levels of RF radiation through our large, passive solar windows. I sprang into action.

It took me a couple of months to finish shielding the parts of the house than needed shielding and to get the house hardwired for internet access, though I immediately began to turn off our wireless router whenever it was not in use. After shielding, the RF levels in our home were at or below the alleged “safe standard” for digital RF exposure. Of course, this is according to my inexpensive, not terribly accurate RF meter, the 3-Axis RF Meter (Cat. #A495). It is the cheapest RF meter that they carry, not the best by any means. I find it useful for measuring before and after shielding to see what percentage attenuation I’ve acheived, but I don’t consider it to be all that accurate in terms of reading actual signal strength, if that makes sense… But I used that same meter for before and after readings, and the change in readings was dramatic.

Approximately three months after the shielding project was completed, my daughter’s congestion was gone. Many would dismiss this as anecdotal evidence, but I am convinced that the shielding allowed all of her treatments to work and gave her body the opportunity to heal.

You asked me at the meeting to share the specific products with you that I used in my shielding project.Go to:

and look for:

Microwave absorbing sheet:(Cat. #A259N). This is what I installed over existing walls and then covered with a new layer of drywall.

VeilShield (Cat. #A1270). I installed this in window screen frames and placed the frames over vulnerable windows. It is highly transparent, but extremely fragile and it occasionally tore while being installed.

RadioScreenâ„¢ (Cat. #A1240). I installed this in window screen frames and placed the frames over vulnerable windows. It was easy to work with, not as fragile as Veil Shield, but not as transparent as Veil Shield either.

In addition, I had the house hardwired for internet and removed our wireless router. We do not use cordless phones.

There was an important point I did not mention about shielding. When using conductive materials to shield for RF’s, especially in a sleeping space, it is important to either

1) ground the conductive material so that it does not become a source of EF’s (electric fields) in the room, or

2) install a demand switch or switch off all electrical circuits that serve the sleeping space and that run through the walls, floor and ceiling of the sleeping space to eliminate all potential EF’s in the room while sleeping. If this is not done, it is possible to remedy an RF problem but exacerbate EF’s, thus creating another health hazard.

Thank you,

Name withheld to protect privacy.

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