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WHEREAS we support the Six Month Moratorium proposed by Santa Fe City Councilors Patti Bushee and Chris Calvert and enjoin the Santa Fe City Attorney and City Council to follow the steps of many other City Councils in providing a new Ordinance that more fully regulates the placement of cell towers/antennas in respect to the historic aesthetics of Santa Fe.

WHEREAS we enjoin the City of Santa Fe to apply this six months to create a master plan that utilizes the newest and most powerful technology of fiber optics, which supports instant job creation via the installation of underground cables, as well as attracting businesses that desire powerful, faster, more secure, and safer technology which is being utilized in other European and Asian countries.

WHEREAS fiber optics allows bundling of services for homes and businesses, allowing for all cable television, Internet, and utility meter services to enter via a single cable, also reducing costs and maintenance, as well as redundancy for individual companies.

WHEREAS fiber optics eliminate possible health concerns regarding wireless in the home, wireless in schools, and wireless utility meters.

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