March 3, 2013

Why would you attend a City Hall Meeting to stop property owner Tom McCullum geting an exception that would allow him to lease to AT & T’s planned cell tower?

Because behind the Burger King located at the corner of West Alameda and St. Francis, property owner Tom McCullum has applied to lease to a 64 foot cell phone tower. The only problem with that is that just a few strides away is the Gonzales Community School, housing K through 8th grades.

International research has shown that children are much more vulnerable to the microwave radiation emitted by cell phones and their towers. Did you ever wonder–if a cell phone signal can pass through concrete, what does it do when it passes through your developing child’s brain?

FCC specialist Attorney Andrew Campanelli, who represented the “Moms of Merrick” and groups in other communities opposing cell towers, says safety questions persist about cell phone towers, especially near schools. He lived nearby Bayville, where five children who attended school 50 feet from cell antennas on a water tower have been diagnosed with cancer or leukemia and three have died.

“I am not prepared to produce experts that there is a direct correlation, but it’s frightening,” he said. “The moms say err on the side of caution.” [http://www.longislandpress.com/2010/09/23/hempsteads-cell-tower-limits-among-toughest-in-country/]

There is greater concern now due to the passage of Act 6409, which mandates that once a cell phone tower is erected, the TeleCom entities can ramp up the radiation levels beyond all the previous protective City Ordinances, such as the one passed by the Santa Fe City Council last November 2011. The new Ordinance listed a clause protecting residents from “occupational levels” of radiation 300-600% higher than the “residential levels” and factored in annual testing of all towers emissions.

Now, local authorities and elected officials are absolutely powerless to limit the radiation that will be directed around and through the Gonzales Community School–or near any residences. The only answer is to prevent new cell phone towers within the radius of 1500 feet from schools, hospitals and residences–a law in India, which has torn down 298 towers in one city alone. Even Taiwan has torn down 1500 cell towers.

Researchers have found those exposed for long periods of time—as residents or workers—have four to ten times higher death rates from cancers.. Just read the home page of www.WhyFry.org, or type CHILDREN into the Search window, and you will find many pieces of research and articles about the health dangers of cell towers near children.

For example:
From PEDIATRICS, Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics: The Sensitivity of Children to Electromagnetic Fieldshttp://www.pediatrics.org/cgi/content/full/116/2/e303 “Consistent epidemiologic evidence of an association between childhood leukemia and exposure to extremely low frequency (ELF) magnetic fields has led to their classification by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as a “possible human carcinogen.”

Concerns about the potential vulnerability of children to radio frequency (RF) fields have been raised because of the potentially greater susceptibility of their developing nervous systems; in addition, their brain tissue is more conductive, RF penetration is greater relative to head size, and they will have a longer lifetime of exposure than adults.”

Money, money, money–even for churches 

St. John’s Methodist Church, which hosts a day care on their top floor, as well as being in proximity to the Children’s Museum and a residential area at 1200 Old Pecos Trail, appeared before the Board of Adjustment and their Elder spokesperson assured the BOA that they had done “due diligence” in checking on the health dangers of cell towers.

“The data shows about 3 per 100,000 may develop cancer. But the consensus  from our point of view is that the risks are not,” here he mumbled,” as great as…what is possible.”

Apparently, the Church elders wished a thirty year contract with the cell tower to be their legacy to the community programs they provide.

A unnamed City Councilor, however, when informed they would only receive $5000 down and $1500 per month, cautioned their spokesperson “That is not nearly enough to cover any liability suits–and you will be responsible for those, not the cell phone company.”

A local woman opposing the cell tower, stepped forward and offered to create a fund-raiser for the church, so a tower would not be necessary.

One Santa Fe Christian observed, “Even a small congregation that tithes properly could contribute that amount to their church without endangering the children there.”

Peter Komis, then on the BOA, asked a simple question: “Where is a copy of the letter that is supposed to be sent to the FCC?” As the statute required such a letter, and it had not been sent, Komis did not approve the variance for St. John’s tower.

BOA member, Susan Rooney, RN,  stated, “Well, my husband is an oncologist and we would never live near a cell tower.”

Their comments would be reported around the world. The next BOA Meeting would “revise the minutes” and erase Komis’ statement. Soon after, however, Komis would be informed by Mayor Coss that his term on the BOA was over.

Another disturbing story—NM Wireless Research Report Vanishes

Rep. Brian Egolf passed HM 32, mandating that the NM Department of Health examine the current research data on the health dangers of cell towers, EMF/EMR. A truly bipartisan passage was due to California Eagle Forum President, Orlean Koehle’s testifying on behalf of HM 32. Koehle, respected by Tea Party and liberals, noted that much of the resistance to microwave emitting cell towers, cell phones, and Smart Meters comes from the Right; Republican Washington legislators passed a reprieve for normal incandescent bulbs after ‘greenwashing’ convinced Democrats to outlaw them in favor of CFLs, which have proven to be hazardous due to mercury content and radiation emissions.

(If you break a CFL bulb, call the HazMat crew–do not touch the shards as customers have suffered severe burns and flesh erosion from the mercury.)

And whatever became of HM32, mandated for presentation to the 2011 Legislature? The report somehow vanished after completion. Would New Mexicans be rallying against the wave of dozens of new cell towers if HM32 had been released to the public, as a public document?

Strong, Healthy Fire Fighters Damaged by Antennas

Even the International Association of Fire Fighters 2004 determination to NOT allow cell towers or antennas on any of their facilities due to proven negative health effects on fire fighters. They also provide worldwide research to substantiate this: http://www.iaff.org/hs/Facts/CellTowerFinal.asp.

Research has shown that not only children, but those with pace makers, medical implants, immune dysfunctions, heart problems–or even healthy pregnant women–are negatively affected by antennas and towers. http://whyfry.org/electromagnetic-interference-with-medical-implants/

European countries have taken the medical reports seriously. Switzerland is  removing WiFi from all their schools. France has pulled WiFi out of their libraries. The Netherlands is installing country-wide fiber optic cable, which is 10,000 times faster and holds unlimited data. Switzerland, Italy, Russia and China have also adopted standards much lower than those allowed by the United States ICNIRP. And in Brazil, the municipality of Porto Alegre edited laws defining levels of radiation emissions similar to those of Switzerland.

45,000 Catholic School Teachers Vote Against WiFi in Schools

The Ontario English Catholic Teacher’s Association says computers in all new schools should be hardwired instead of setting up wireless networks. It also says Wi-Fi should not be installed in any more classrooms. http://ottawa.ctv.ca/servlet/an/local/CTVNews/20120213/ontario-catholic-school-wi-fi-target-120213/20120213/?hub=OttawaHome

In a position paper released today, the union – which represents 45,000 Catholic teachers – cites research by the World Health Organization, which categorized all EMF emitting cellular devices, i.e. cell phones, WiFi, baby monitors as Class 2 B: Possible Carcinogens, sharing that category with:
“Chloroform , Cobalt and cobalt compounds , DDT, Engine exhaust, gasoline, Fuel oils, Gasoline, Hexachlorobenzene, Human immunodeficiency virus type 2, Lead, Methylmercury compounds, Metallic implants prepared as thin smooth films, Implanted foreign bodies of metallic cobalt, metallic nickel and an alloy powder containing 66-67% nickel, 13-16% chromium and 7% iron, Magnetic fields, extremely low-frequency; includes radiofrequency electromagnetic fields from wireless phones.”

TeleCom industry trolls, hired to post disparaging comments when concerned citizens get any coverage on this issue, snidely add that “pickled vegetables” are on the Class 2B list. They do not explain that this refers to Chinese pickled vegetables containing DDVP, an acutely toxic, carcinogenic chemical used as a pesticide that can cause pain just through contact with human skin. Inhalation is known to cause convulsions, dizziness, sweating, labored breathing, nausea, unconsciousness and muscle cramps. Diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal cramps are caused by ingestion of even small amounts. For an investigative journalist report on imported Chinese foods, see http://www.wnd.com/2007/07/42500/ .


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