NM State Study Links Cellphone Use to Cancer

Tom Sharpe | The New Mexican
Posted: Saturday, July 14, 2012 – 7/14/12

A state survey of research into the health impacts of cellphones and towers warns of possible cancer risks.

The survey, conducted by employees of the state departments of health and environment at the request of a House memorial introduced by state Rep. Brian Egolf, D-Santa Fe, in 2011, was completed last October, but only recently released to Egolf.

With regard to cancer risks, the survey recommended that because exposure to radio frequencies and/or electromagnetic frequencies “is possibly carcinogenic,” cellphone users might want to use a hands-free device or use the text function more frequently, make fewer and shorter cellphone calls, and use a land line when available.

The report also recommends not using a cellphone while driving or when around someone with a pacemaker.

Regarding mobile phone base stations, such as towers, the study made no findings concerning self-reported symptoms, physiological measurements and cognitive function, and said current research into neurobehavioral and cancer effects is inadequate.

According to the survey, staff members of the health and environment departments looked at 1,142 articles from 326 publications, but eliminated articles that were not peer-reviewed or from public-health agencies such as the World Health Organization. [Ed Note: all the studies submitted were, in fact, peer-reviewed and published in respected science journals.]

Possibly carcinogenic effects from cellphones were identified in a 2011 article in The Lancet Oncology, which summarized the conclusions of WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer Working Group. Coffee was also included as a possible carcinogen by this study.[Ed.Note: the reporter left out that this classification includes lead, DDT and HIV.

“Coffee” refers to the data on bladder cancer tied to heavy coffee intake, without referencing the high levels of pesticides in coffees imported from third world countries, as revealed in the top award-winning article by investigative journalists for MOTHER JONES Magazine. See: http://collections.infocollections.org/ukedu/en/d/Jff03ce/2.html]

A 2005 U.S. study found that rural users of cellphones face a higher rate of brain tumors than urban users, possibly because higher power outputs were needed where there is a greater distance between base stations.

A 2011 study of brain tumors among people ages 7 to 19 in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland had inconsistent results. “Although there was not evidence of a causal association, the authors could not rule out the possibility that some mobile phones confer a small increase in risk,” the state survey says.

Another 2011 study of brain tumors, involving cellphone users from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France and Israel, found an increased risk of glioma (a type of tumor on the brain or spine) among long-term and heavy users of mobile phones.

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Note: The passage of HM32 was undertaken by a local retired dentist, H. Bleicher who wrote the House Memorial and Rep. Egolf who promised to present it. When Egolf was asked what he needed to pass this Memorial, he said “A famous Republican.”

DOCTORS W.A.R.N. (Wireless and Radiation Network)contacted the California President of the Eagle Forum, Orlean Koehle, who came to the NM Legislature and organized Republican support of HM 32. This underlines that this issue is a transpartisan issue affecting the health of all citizens.

DOCTORS W.A.R.N. (Wireless and Radiation Network)is comprised of over ninety medical doctors and health care professionals in the Santa Fe area who are following the research on this health danger and are concerned about its potential effects on the Santa Fe Community, especially in the involuntary microwave exposure caused by siting of cell towers near residences, schools, and hospitals.

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