May 11, 2012
As you may know, our Santa Fe City Council, our Assistant City Attorney, Kelley A. Brennan, our Presidents of the Neighborhood Associations, and FCC Specialist Andrew Campanelli, provided by DOCTORS W.A.R. N., all worked hard to pass a more protective TeleCom Ordinance November 25, 2011.

Across the US, such groups are alarmed that when Obama signed the the Middle Class Tax Relief & Job Creation Act,  it contained a sneaky clause #6409 empowering cellphone companies to ramp up radiation/power levels beyond local ordinance levels and to rent out space on towers to multiple antennas upon all pre-existing wireless installations (antennas or towers)–and local community governments cannot stop it.

Although each cell tower has FCC limitations on radiation emitted, each additional antenna is allowed the same level again. So a tower bearing four antennas–for AT & T, Sprint, Verizon, Cricket, etc. –can have four times higher levels of radiation than is the legal limit. But with #6409, there is no upper limit of radiation or limit of ugly antennas.

That is, our elected representatives–from our City Councils to our State Legislatures–are superseded by this new, unpublicized federal law. All the attempts of City and State elected officials across the US to protect their communities from the well-documented health dangers of microwave radiation emitted by cellphone towers — all rendered void by this law.
Section 6409 (Wireless Facilities Deployment) of the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012
For a very useful legal blog that covers this new Act in great detail: 


DOCTORS W.A.R.N. (Wireless And Radiation Network), a group of ninety-plus medical and health care professionals in Santa Fe, aided in providing additional support to the City of Santa Fe in creation of their new TeleCom Ordinance. DOCTORS W.A.R.N. also supports HM 32, passed by Rep. Brian Egolf which mandated that the New Mexico Department of Health examine the current peer-reviewed, journal published research on the health dangers of EMF/EMR, cellphone towers, and cell phones and provide their Report of findings to the New Mexico Legislature November 1, 2011. The report has never been released.

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