Naperville Police Escort to Install Electric Meters

In an incredible display of arrogance, the City of Naperville and DPU-E laugh in the face of a request for federal injunction by moving forward with the smart meter installation, which began Wednesday, January 4.

According to TribLocal, the city installed 275 wireless smart meters, however, 16 residents refused the meters and turned the trucks away.

These courageous residents will be given 2 more opportunities within a month to refuse the meters before the installer returns with an armed guard.

This begs the question, why would the city need to request police escort to install a meter that is so beneficial for you?

If the smart meter really stands on its own merits, why would residents refuse them?

They refuse them because they can. Supported by the U.S. Energy Policy Act of 2005, ratepayers do not have to accept a smart meter on their homes if they do not want one.

The city does not have the right to force a resident to accept a smart meter.

Click here to Know Your Rights! You have the Right to Say NO!

“The arrogance of the city is unbelievable,” states a resident that asked to remain unnamed.

“It’s clear this is about ego and probably something more. The council has dug a hole so deep for themselves and rather than do the reasonable thing, like wait for a ruling on the injunction, they are plowing forward, blind to the fact that in the face of their own egos, they are going to take residents and the reputation of the City of Naperville down with them.”

Naperville’s city leadership has turned into a group of bullies who are no longer serving the public interest, Councilman Doug Krause excluded.

Conflicts of interest are so prevalent that we can’t name them all in just one newsletter. Here are just some of the glaring ones:

* The city council is acting as the utility board.
* The Public Utility Advisory Board (PUAB) is chaired by a Smart Grid Ambassador. Do you think he will be impartial to concerns from residents?
* The City of Naperville is under investigation by the Illinois Attorney General for Open Meetings Act violations in conjunction with smart grid steering committee meetings.
* Councilman Fieseler, co-chair of the steering committee, is the only person to have requested a copy of the referendum petition, which would allow residents to vote on this project. Yet one lone member of the community filed an 11th hour objection. We wonder how he received a copy of the petition?
* The DOE and West Monroe Partners have exchanged emails about inserting speakers into council meetings who are in support of the smart meters.
* NCEC, who received SECA funds from the City of Naperville, and whose president personally contributed to Councilman Fieseler’s campaign, is soliciting residents to post pro smart meter signs in their yards.
* The lone objector, William Dawe, is a board member of NCEC.

Should we go on?????

We encourage those residents who do not want a smart meter to continue to advocate for your personal rights to protect your property.

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