It’s official now: Cell phone radiation may be killing you

By Priya Adhyaru Majithia Agency  DNA Jan 2, 2011

After many years of debate over the health hazards posed by mobile phones, a recent report finally establishes it.

The exhaustive report has been submitted recently to the Department of
Telecom by Prof Girish Kumar of IIT-Bombay’s department of electrical

Kumar, who has done extensive research on cell phone radiation and its
effects warns against excessive use of cell phones as users have an
increased risk of cancer, brain tumour and many other health hazards, which are even more dangerous in case of children.

The major health hazards of radiation from cell phones and cell towers are as given below:

– A 400% increase in the risk of brain cancer among for teenagers using cell phones. Children are more vulnerable to cell phone radiation. The younger the child, the deeper is the penetration of electromagnetic radiation as children’s skulls are thinner.

– Excessive use of mobile phones can also cause cancer in anyone. Use of cell phones for more than 30 minutes per day for 10 years increases the risk of brain cancer and acoustic neuroma.

– Cell phone radiation causes irreversible damage to male fertility. Studies have found 30% lower sperm count in intensive users of mobile phones.

– Cell phone frequencies can cause damage to the DNA of the body’s cells. Radiation causes ‘free radical formation’ inside the body’s cells; these free radicals are known to be carcinogenic.

– Cell phone frequencies interfere with the functioning of other life-saving gadgets, including implanted pace-makers, and may, therefore, cause sudden death.

– Mobile phone exposure can activate the stress response in human and animal cells which causes production of stress proteins. This is proof enough that the body recognizes radiations from cell phones as potentially harmful.

– Electromagnetic fields caused by cell phone and cell tower radiation degrade the immune system and stimulate allergic\inflammatory responses, including rashes, sores, biting sensations and lesions.

– People using cell phones for more than 30 minutes a day for more than four years are at a higher risk of hearing loss. Cell phone radiation can cause tinnitus and damage the auditory cilia (hair cells ) present in theinner ear. Once damaged, these cells can never regenerate.

– Frequent use of mobile phones can also damage the visual system in many ways. Researchers are finding a 360 % increase in cancers of the eye nearest the usual placement of a user’s cell phone. Cell phone frequencies (900, 1800 MHz and 2450 MHz) damage epithelial cells and increase the temperature within the eye.

– Cell phone emissions weaken bones and can cause reduction in melatonin (a type of antioxidant which is a major immune system enhancer) levels.

– An increased risk of salivary gland cancer is linked to the use of mobile phones.

– Exposure to electromagnetic fields can cause sleep disorders and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

– Due to consistent electromagnetic background noise, bees and birds become disoriented and cannot return to their hives and nests. It has adverse effects on animals, plants and the environment.

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