Arabs burn cell towers

Hundreds of cellular antennas have been burnt or shot by the Israeli Arabs in several townships, saying they are the central cause of cancer. The cellular companies succeeded in convincing the Jewish population that more antennas mean less radiation but the Israeli Arabs do not accept that.

The cellular companies gave up and the leaders of the Arab fight declared victory. “We demand transparency from the state; that they build the antennas in a more controlled and respected way. They do not come to us and explain what stands behind the antennas. On our part, the antennas endanger our lives. When there are cancer patients in the same township, what are they expected to do? They see the antennas in front of their eyes, they count cancer patients and it is hard to stop them”.

One resident in Rahat: “In my neighborhood there were 4 antennas above the houses. Within two years we found in the neighborhood 10 cases of cancer. We approached to the houses owners but they refused to remove the antennas, said there was a contract with the cell phone companies. There were cases of throwing fire bottles and even shooting towards the houses with antennas. Within several months we arrived at an agreement with the house owners that all neighborhood residents would participate in a fine to remove the antennas, and that’s how the story ended”.

After removing several antennas from the heart of the neighborhoods, the business owners agreed to put them in the industrial zone. The residents fight them too. A resident said: “We live close to the industrial zone. I know 13 cancer patients only from the last year and all of them live in the neighborhoods near the industrial zone. Two of them died. We fight to remove the antennas from the city.”

See below: Wolf and Wolf. Wolf, R., and Wolf, D. 2004. Increased incidence of cancer near a cell-phone transmitter station. Inter. J. Cancer Prev. 1(2): 123–128. in the article at

Rahat’s mayor: “Inside the city, inside the neighborhoods, there are no antennas today. We also do not intend to produce approvals. We are considerate with the public and not with the cellular companies’ will, although there are opinions and studies that determine that everything is OK”.

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