IGEF Internationale Gesellschaft für Elektrosmog-Forschung (International company for electrosmog-research), by way of the EMF Guru.

IGEF-expert won case against mobile communications company as per verdict of the High Court of Justice (Federal Court) of Austria.

Mr. Wulf Dietrich Rose, expert in mobile communications, of Kitzbühel, Austria, internationally known for his research works in this field, won his court case for the third time against Max Mobil as per the verdict of the High Austrian Court of Justice (Federal Court) (Az 6 Ob 69/01t; verdict of 26 April 2001).

Rose proved through his studies and research that mobile radiation represents serious health risks to the nearby living population of cancer, brain tumours, genetic problems, and deformity of newborns.

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Mr. Rose, IGEF, has affected several measurements and specific radiation studies and due to his expertise obtained that already constructed mobile stations in residential areas were dismantled or constructions were simply postponed. Example: Max Mobil (a daughter company of German Telekom) could not increase the construction program of their intended network system.

The Austrian company Max Mobil filed a demand to the court requesting that Mr. Rose is not only charged Rose to pay an indemnity fine for injurious malpractice but also would prohibit him from publishing his critical allegations in connection with the harmful health damages provoked by mobile radiation emissions. The Court of Second Instance came to the conclusion that Max Mobile failed to contradict the allegations made by Mr. Rose that the radiations of mobile antennas are dangerous and noxious to the population.

This positive verdict by the High Court of Austria, plus the repeated successes of cases filed by Mr. Rose, proved that his researches and studies offer a solid legal base to request the transfer of already constructed mobile emission stations, or the postponement of same, out of residential areas in Germany, Austria, Switzerland or any other country, even if the indicated norms and guidelines are rigorously respected by the mobile communication companies.

Numerous studies prove that the electromagnetic fields of mobile communications, reduce the activity of the brain (including EEG), disrupt the sleep, change the time of reaction, increase the possibility of brain haemorrhage, provoke lack of concentration, headaches, fatigue, nausea, loss of memory, reduction of sperm and melatonin, change of DNA, increass blood pressure, cellular perforation, risks of cancer– mainly brain tumour– and influence the safe functioning of pace-makers.

To continue installing this technology, which is already well known for its health risks, and against the resistance of already ill people, is not only criminal but a real “mafia mentality”, comments Mr. Rose.

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