How to File a Medical/Security Waiver NOW to keep a “Smart Meter” from your home

New Mexicans are stunned to be told they must submit to wireless gas meters being attached to 350,000 homes despite the documented concerns of researchers, medical doctors, and residents.

The meters transmit pulses of microwave energy every 15 seconds, around the clock, reverberating with your house wiring, and even repeating the signals from neighboring meters in what’s called a ‘mesh network’. As one Los Alamos scientist says:
“This turns whole communities into a low-power microwave oven.”

Proven to cause a host of health problems, security issues, damaging customers’ other electronics— and sued for giving inaccurately high readings—‘smart meters’ are being halted by towns and cities across the US by the passing of moratoria and ordinances.

As a native New Mexican, I am horrified that our beautiful environment is now to be filled with a proven cause of diseases that will harm the whole population, especially those most vulnerable—our children, the elderly, the disabled, and those with medical implants.

And, an out-of-state gas company is forcing us to submit to these meters being put on our homes! Meters are currently read by 75 employees at the cost of $3 million—Purchased from Japan, the ‘smart meters’ will cost $30 million and, of course, NMGC is applying for a rate hike so we can cover this unnecessary expenditure! What about investing $30 million to develop local energy businesses?

But most importantly, our families must have a medical ‘opt out’ or waiver plan for those with children, medical implants, and prior medical conditions that doctors know will be dangerously
affected by these wireless meters.

Felicia N. Trujillo, ND, GCFP, Health Education


You do not need a physician’s letter. To arrange for removal, call either:

Diana Montoya, 888-NMG-ASCO or email the information listed below under FILING FOR A WIRELESS WAIVER to:

TruCheck Metering Solutions, in a subcontractor for NMGC, and they can also remove wireless meters. Call: 505-697-3483

Diana Montoya is the NMGC representative working with those who wish to have the new wireless meters removed, and to avoid having a wireless meter installed on your home, Ms. Montoya can help you apply to self-read your own meter. NMGC will double check your readings, and you must agree to send them accurately and dependably to qualify for their “Self Read Program.”

Please email to let us know if NMGC agrees to let you self-read your meter, as we are trying to keep track of numbers of applicants.


To file your Application for a Medical Waiver, due to illness, medical implants, seniors, or children in your home send only by email to NM PRC Consumer Relations (see below for copy and paste text):

  1. your name,
  2. your address,
  3. NMGC Account Number, and
  4. phone number,

To: with a copy (cc:) to

You do not need to list your medical diagnosis.  John Hooper requests that there be only one such email or letter to him per household. So if multiple people are served by the same meter, combine the information into a single letter or email. Please keep a copy on file.

Copy and paste the following into an email–or just write your own email with the same information. You must email this form immediately to the email address given:, with a cc: (copy to), to allow us to track number of applications. You can leave out your address or personal data.

TO: John Hooper, Consumer Relations Division,

RE: Wireless Meters Medical Waiver

Due to my medical condition, medical implants, children living in my household, or that I have been negatively affected by electromagnetic radiation emitted by some electrical devices, I have been advised that I/we cannot risk further impairment by exposure to microwaves from the installation of a wireless meter device.

We are aware that numerous communities in the United States have reached an agreement with local gas and electric companies so that no wireless meters are installed at the businesses or residences to accommodate the health requirements of their customers.

We also will provide a sign that will be affixed to our gas meters, stating that we have applied for this medical waiver, and requesting that wireless meters not be installed.

With that accommodation, we wish to express our appreciation of this medical waiver, which enables us to continue purchasing natural gas from the New Mexico Gas Company. Please do not hesitate to contact us at the number and address listed below.



New Mexico Gas Company Customer Number:

Home phone:

Work phone:

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