Health Effects Near Radio/TV & Cell Phone Towers

Dr Neil Cherry O.N.Z.M1
Associate Professor of Environmental Health
Lincoln University
New Zealand

There is robust scientific evidence that electromagnetic radiation is a Ubiquitous Universal Genotoxic Carcinogen. If this understanding was applied to the data available in 1982, when IARC declared benzene a Human Carcinogen, then the level of data for RF/MW radiation being a human carcinogen was considerably stronger than that for benzene. A large body of laboratory experiments and epidemiological studies now confirm the hypothesis.

The evidence is further strengthened through the biophysics understanding of the EMR Spectrum Principle. This shows that as the carrier frequency increases the dielectric constant declines and the induced tissue electric field and induced current increases significantly. This implies and confirms that all of the health effects found in “electrical workers” will be found at much lower mean exposure levels in the vicinity of broadcast towers. Where studies have been carried out, the adverse health effects have been found. When compared with actual radiation patterns they show a causal effect.

This confirms that hypothesis and the toxicology of the signals with a safe level of zero exposure. Hence living in the vicinity of broadcast and mobile phone towers produces Cancer, Cardiac, Reproductive and Neurological (CCRN) health effects. It is highly probable that these adverse health effects will be found in the vicinity of cell sites. Because of the small population numbers around single sites, these effects will only be detectable by studying populations around hundreds of cell sites.

“Because the biological mechanisms for cell phone radiation mimics that of EMR, and the dose-response relationships have a threshold of ZERO, and this includes genetic damage, there is extremely strong evidence to conclude that: Cell sites radio/TV towers and radars are risk factors for:

– Cancer across all body organs, especially brain tumour, breast cancer and leukaemia,
– Cardiac arrhythmia, heart attack and heart disease,
– Neurological effects, including sleep disturbance, learning difficulties, senility, depression and suicide.
– Miscarriage, congenital malformation, Sudden Infant Death syndrome, early childhood cancer, especially Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL).

“. . . There is robust evidence that EMR is genotoxic across the RF/MW spectrum, including radiation from radars, radio and TV stations, appliances, cellphones and cellphone base stations. To date [2002] over 50 studies have shown adverse biological or human health effects specifically from cell phone radiation.

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