Germany: Landlord Shields Renters From Wireless Radiation

Berperk de Straling = Limit

Landlord protects tenants against radiation shielding
January 9, 2012

In the German city of Erlangen, the owners of a large rental real estate have taken measures to protect tenants against the radiation from mobile telephony and wireless technology.

With an investment of 20,000 Euro, the houses are shielded from radiation by a special paint on the outside walls and a radiation-resistant film on the windows.

Indoors, the tenants have committed themselves not to use wireless devices such as WiFi and DECT. In all living quarters, telephone and internet connections were provided, avoiding radiation exposure for the most effective communication possible.

Frank, the owner, is convinced that prevention is better than cure. Herdegen total invested 500,000 euros but he assured journalists that the rental market conditions continue to be postiive.

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