French Court Upholds Removing Cell Tower


The Versailles Court of Appeal has upheld a decision by the Crown
Court of Nanterre to force mobile telephony company Bouygues Telecom
to remove a mobile phone base station as it constitutes an
“exceptional nuisance”. The initial ruling sentenced Bouygues Telecom
to pay the sum of 3000 EUR to each of the three couples submitting
their case, 100 EUR per day the installation remained erected and to
pay all legal costs.

After the appeal, a further 6000 EUR fine was  imposed on the telecoms company, the per day cost was increased to 500 EUR (but not retroactively) and all further legal costs were also to be paid.

Last year, the City of Paris ruled to remove all antennas from their beautiful rooftops, something that Santa Fe, also known for its beauty, could well adopt.

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