Delhi to gauge mobile radiation impact on health

NEW DELHI: Worried about periodic reports about possible link between serious ailments and radiation emanating from mobile towers, Delhi Government is likely to launch a study to gauge the impact of such radiation.

Health department officials said the issue was discussed at a meeting presided over by Health Minister A K Walia. They said government may procure certain equipment to assess the level of radiation in the city in a scientific way so that a clear view can be taken on the issue.

“We will launch a study to gauge whether there is any adverse effect of radiation on health of people,” the officials said adding electromagnetic radiation takes place not only from mobile towers but from a number of other equipment. He said Delhi Government would also consult the Centre on the issue.

The Union government in August 2010 had set up an inter-ministerial group to evaluate the evidence and re-visit radiation guidelines for mobile towers and adopt guidelines for radiation emission by cell phones.

The group had made it mandatory for cellphone manufacturers to declare the radiation level of each mobile handset on the packet itself.

For mobile towers also, the group had suggested certain radiation norms.

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