Cell phone radiation damages DNA, disrupts brain repair and lowers sperm count

Cell phone radiation damages DNA, disrupts brain repair and lowers sperm count


Who among us can live without being connected to cell phones in this day and age? Recent studies around the world lend credence to limiting use of cells phones because the radiation is bad news for brain repair, DNA breakage and sperm cell count.

The Environmental Health Trust, Turkish Cancer Society and Gaza University convened and revealed new evidence from different well regarded researchers around the world.

Prof. Nesrin Seyhan , WHO and NATO advisor who is head and founder of Biophysics Department and Bioelectromagnetics Laboratory at Gaza University in Ankara and founder of the Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (GNRP) Center, reports her team’s findings are deeply concerning, especially when observing what this means for public health.

Seyhan’s study found that only four hours of exposure to cell phone radiation interferes with human brain cells ability to repair damaged genes.

Prof. Wilhelm Mosgoeller from the Medical University of Vienna who led European research teams which found that cell pone radiation induces DNA breaks, opines that this work should provide a warning signal to all of us and justifies precautionary measures should be taken.

Mosgoeller continued to point out that researchers in Russia and Israel have also investigated a biological effects triggered by cell phones.

Dr. Adamantia Fragopoulou, leader of a team at the University of Athens plans on sharing a finding concerning embryonic development taking place in the presence of a mild electro-magnetic field. Exposure to radiation for just six minutes a day affects the bone formation of fetuses.

The team suggests this is caused by the interaction of cell phone radiation with crucial molecules and ions involved in sexual reproduction.

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