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PLEASE TAKE 5 MINUTES TO SAVE LIVES AND PROPERTY IN SANTA FE -In the US, every year 12 cell towers fall and 4 cell towers erupt into flames -Who will pay for the damages? This new Code also targets rural NM, forcing industrial use in our rural residential communities. 100% of all acequia lands are targeted for “mixed use” like strip malls and industry. This is NOT our tradition or why we choose to live in Northern New Mexico.

EMF Real Estate Survey Results: “Neighborhood Cell Towers & Antennas— They Do Impact a Property’s Desirability!”

95% said they would opt to buy or rent a property that had zero antennas on the building over a comparable property that had several antennas on the building. “I own several properties in Santa Fe, NM and believe me, I have taken care not to buy near cell towers. Most of these are rental properties and I think I would have a harder time renting those units… were a cell tower or antenna nearby. Though I have not noticed any negative health effects myself, I know many people are affected. And in addition, these antennas and towers are often extremely ugly–despite the attempt in our town of hiding them as chimneys or fake trees.” 79% said under no circumstances would they ever purchase or rent a property within a few blocks of a cell tower or antennas. 88% said that under no circumstances would they ever purchase or rent a property with a cell tower or group of antennas on top of, or attached to, the apartment building.

See Video: Swirling Snow Doesn’t Stop Gonzales Parents Picket Against Tower

FOR VIDEO: On Friday, February 22, despite the swirling snow and wintry winds, approximately fifty plus parents, their children, and neighbors took up picket signs outside the Burger King, next to their children's Gonzales Community School, protesting a cell tower planned by AT&T. As their petition states, not only could a cell tower explode or fall into the three gas pumps located at the Burger King, but a narrow arroyo filled with dry trees and brush is all that separates the land owned by Tom McCullum from the Gonzales School campus. Channel 7 ABC arrived with cameras rolling and interviewed four neighborhood parents and protestors. DID ANY FOOTAGE MAKE IT ONTO CHANNEL 7 NEWS? No, and not surprising as most media coverage seems strangely silent. The New Mexican mustered a 2 1/2 inch photograph and two sentences about the picket, featured on page 10A.


Researchers have found a way to reveal Wi-Fi passwords by hacking mobile phone controlled LED “smart” lights. The discovery highlights the inherent danger in having countless home appliances connected to the Internet – as experts predict as many as 50 such devices in the average home by 2022 . Other lights such as the Phillips Hue were successfully hacked last year as well.

Brain and eye deformation in embryos exposed to cell phone calls, 4 x/day, only 15 minutes

"It was concluded that mobile phone electromagnetic waves (900MHz- 1800MHz) might induce embryonic eye growth till 10 days of incubation, and then it might cause brain malformation with reduced body and eye growth in chick embryo. Congenital malformations were seen in treated embryos (bigger embryos, subcutaneous bleeding, and brain malformation) compared to the controls. "

Medical Expert Refuses to Use CFLs Due to Threat of Blindness & Skin Cancer

"Sustained exposure to ultraviolet light wavelengths from CFLs increases the risk of two seriously debilitating eye conditions, macular degeneration and cataracts," the professor claims.

EU-IU presentará una moción en contra del Proyecto de Ley General de Telecomunicaciones

El grupo municipal de EU-IU en el Concello de Ferrol presentará en la sesión plenaria de este jueves una moción en contra del Proyecto de Ley General de Telecomunicaciones, al considerarlo un «perigo para a saúde pública» y un «beneficio só para as grandes empresas». La propuesta está motivada desde la Plataforma Estatal Contra la Contaminación Electromagnética (PECCEM), una entidad compuesta por movimientos vecinales, ecologistas, personas afectadas y electrosensibles, así como organizaciones de defensa de la salud pública.

ITALY: Electrosmog, pediatricians alarmed: ‘Ban the cellphone to children under 10 years’ old

This alarm that will result as soon as possible in "guidelines to limit as much as possible the use of mobile phones to children, avoiding completely the use of up to 10 years and limiting, with proper precautions, use even for older ages". Article in English & Italian "Mobile phones,”said Sapia, “are two-way radios that rely upon the ear to talk and there is evidence that the interaction of electromagnetic fields with human biological systems causes a localized increase in body temperature. Very prolonged exposures can cause tissue necrosis (cell death)."

Tabletas con wifi, demasiado riesgo para nuestra salud

No utilizaremos la tableta para conciliar el sueño ya que con el tiempo nos cargaremos está opción leer un libro electrónico solo se puede sostener con un e-book de tinta electrónica, este si nos permitirá dormir sin ningún problema ya que su tinta no tiende al insomnio.

10 Reasons Why Handheld Devices Should Be Banned for Children Under the Age of 12

TV and video game use correlates with increased obesity (Tremblay 2005). Children who are allowed a device in their bedrooms have 30% increased incidence of obesity Technology overuse is implicated as a causal factor in rising rates of child depression, anxiety, attachment disorder, attention deficit, autism, bipolar disorder, psychosis and problematic child behavior