Brits Win Another Fight Against Cell Towers

Photo below: Ashton City Councillors and residents at the site of the proposed phone mast at Armoury Bank in Ashton
Published on Monday 20 June 2011 04:06

CAMPAIGNERS have won their fight to stop a 60ft phone mast being installed.

Residents in Ashton joined forces with ward Councillors Nigel Ash, Joel Haddley and Paul Tushingham to oppose a planning application by Vodafone to erect a telecommunications monopole and associated equipment container at Bradleys Yard, Armoury Bank, Ashton.

They had submitted letters of objection and actively voiced their anger at the plan and are delighted to discover their voices have been heard as it has been withdrawn.

Joan Jones, 71, of Ladysmith Avenue, said: “I am very happy that the mast has been withdrawn.

“I only wish we could get some more masts taken off from Hilton Street.

“I don’t want any more in Ashton – I could not stand it. I have been campaigning against more phone masts since 2000, so when I heard about this plan I just blew up.

“I want to thank all the councillors for their backing.”

Coun Tushingham said: “Following from letters of objection, Vodafone has decided to withdraw the application. The council’s planning officer thought the company would come up with an alternative design, but it has been withdrawn altogether.

I am not sure what their intentions are. We will have to keep a watch out to see if another location is picked.

“We don’t want a visual amenity destroyed by a mast.”

Coun Ash added: “Myself and Coun Haddley have been happy to help to represent the many local residents who have contacted us to object to this proposal.”

A spokesman for Cornerstone Mobile on behalf of Vodafone previously said that all base stations were designed, built and operated in accordance with stringent international guidelines.

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