Brits Celebrate Stopping Cell Tower Near School

David FreezerThursday, May 24, 2012
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Campaigners are celebrating after seeing a planning application for a telecommunications mast in a conservation area refused.

Telefonica UK had applied for a 17.5m 3G antenna to supply the O2 and Vodafone mobile phone networks to be erected on land to the north of the Oaklands Hotel, in Yarmouth Road.

But 125 letters of objection were received from surrounding residents, concerned about the potential impact on the skyline, wildlife and the health of children at nearby Hillside Avenue School.

Planning officers said the “minimal” landscape impact would not be sufficient to warrant a refusal but Broadland District Council’s planning committee refused the application on Wednesday, deciding it would be “visually detrimental to the outlook of neighbouring properties and not in keeping with the nature of the conservation area.”

Kim Davis-Claydon, district councillor for Thorpe St Andrew South East, attended the meeting.

She said she was also pleased with the decision but realises there is a need for 3G coverage in Thorpe and hopes any future applications will consult with local people to find an appropriate place.

Mrs Davis Claydon said: “South Avenue and Stanmore Road are beautiful areas and can be seen from as far away as Whitlingham, so sticking a phone mast the equivalent of a six-storey building in the middle would not be a good idea.

“I just wish these applicants would work with us because we can find places to put these masts, rather than making these applications in the most stupid places.”

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