Anecdotal Evidence: “Smart” Meters make people sick.

EMF Safety Network has a harrowing list of user-submitted SmartMeter stories. Steel yourself and take a look. A sample:

Last week our power company in NE Arizona put a new digital meter on our house.  The meter was supposed to remain in a silent mode and not transmit unless someone sent a signal to it from the highway to activate it and get the reading.

Over the next 6 hours I gradually got very sick from the meter.  The symptoms were a vise grip headache, nervousness, horrible brain fog (after 3 days I was unable to complete a sentence), total insomnia, stomach rolling and nausea.   The meter seemed to run in on the current and I began to have reactions to my electric stove and other electrical appliances that I had not been bothered by before.

After a couple of plea’s from my husband, the power company made a decision to return our meter to analog.  I had immediate relief in some symptoms, but others took several hours to go away.  Due to a weekend and Monday holiday, it took a week to get the meter removed.  I was so sick by then I was worried it would leave me highly sensitive to emf’s.  After 24 hours I seemed to be ok, however.  These meters are not safe!  Anonymous in Arizona

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